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Pictures of 1000 Words: Abstractions of Ancient Wisdom.



Events and Dates

ArtPrize 2014: Sept. 24 – Oct. 12, 2014

Located at the First United Methodist Church of Grand Rapids, at 227 East Fulton Street

Colors of Community Art Festival: Oct. 23 – Nov. 8, 2014

Located at Life Stream Church in Allendale, at 6561 Lake Michigan Drive
(Thursdays through Saturdays – 5-9pm; closed Friday Oct. 31)



Pictures of 1000 Words: Abstractions of Ancient Wisdom (as seen during ArtPrize 2014)


Series Overview

Pictures of 1000 Words: Abstractions of Ancient Wisdom has been composed entirely of words. These words relate the ancient wisdom of the 3000-year-old book of Proverbs in the form of 7 seemingly unrelated images. What you see as pictures from a distance resolves into thousands of words when you see them up close. It’s a great demonstration of the significant role that perspective plays in how we perceive the world around us.

About the images: What do you see? These pictures may appear abstract at first – but once you “see” a picture, it will be hard to NOT see it. Two separate themes are represented in these images. The primary theme is “Wisdom”, and is conveyed in the meanings of the words themselves. There is a pertinence to these ancient words that retains currency and relevance even to you as you view it today. The secondary theme is “Design,” and is alluded to by the subject matter of the somewhat abstract images. Take some time and (re)discover the details that have been embedded in this art!


Series Index

Index of links to individual image pages:

The initial observation of these images may not immediately result in the realization of what is being seen. It can take a moment to perceive the familiar shapes and patterns which give these images their meaning and finally enable the viewer to appreciate the significance of their design. Pictures of 1000 Words: Abstractions of Ancient Wisdom has been designed to replicate that point where perception transitions to realization and finally to appreciation, and is intended to demonstrate the period of disconnection between the observation of the designs that surround us in nature and the realization of and appreciation for their Designer. My hope is that this series will inspire a greater awareness of the significance behind the “natural” wonders that surround us all.

There are 7 images in this series of pictures. The following links will lead to more information about each of these images:

Image 1. The Seeing “I”

This image is a close up of a cat’s eye. It is an amazing implementation of a complex design – the human version of which allows you to be reading these very words! (text from Proverbs chapters 1 – 17)

Image 2: Metamorphic

A butterfly searches for nectar from a flower in this image. A three-stage existence from caterpillar through chrysalis to butterfly makes the butterfly truly a marvel of bio-engineering! (text from Proverbs 18:1 – Proverbs 21:24)

Image 3. Symbiotic

This bee covered in pollen represents a symbiosis with plant life that takes the concept of eco-engineering to new levels! (text from Proverbs 21:25 – Proverbs 27:10)

Image 4. Habitat

This image of the earth catching light from the sun reminds us that all the amazing designs we find surrounding us depend on the perfect placement of our planet in space! (text from Proverbs 27:11 – Proverbs 28:28)

Image 5. Entropic

The rusting cab of a truck provides a thought-provoking reminder of what happens when entropy takes its toll on engineered design. (text from Proverbs 29:1 – Proverbs 29:22)

Image 6. Eyeful of Evidence

The Eiffel Tower is a monument to the creativity and ingenuity of human intelligence, and demonstrates how the perception and appreciation of design presents an eloquent argument for the existence of a designer. (text from Proverbs 29:23 – Proverbs 31:7)

Image 7. Aesthetic

This flower represents the myriad examples of beauty and symmetry that surround us each day in our everyday lives. A closer look at the designs we take for granted might foster an awareness of the need for an Ultimate Designer. (text from Proverbs 31:8 – Proverbs 31:31)


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